brzdné vozíky důlní hydraulické stojky omezovače rychosti

Mining machinery manufacturing, service carts•braking control measuring devices•Speed limiter•CNC Milling•individual hydraulic reinforcement


Engineering field

  • CNC milled with CAD / CAM system
  • CNC turning CAD / CAM system
  • Production machining of weldments medium size
  • Turning and milling on conventional machines

Mining area

  • Repairs, servicing and testing of hydraulic braking cars
  • Repairs, servicing and testing of hydraulic valves
  • Repairs, servicing and testing of hydraulic props
  • Business activities - purchase and sale of mining machinery
  •     and equipment, including spare parts

Options to further ensure the engineering

  • Finishes - electroplating, chemical nickel,
  •     chrome plating, powder coating, painting
  • Thermal and chemical - heat treatment
  • Castings and Forgings
  • Grind

Technical description of the key machinery: CNC turning

  • Driving in 6 - axes
  • Driven tools, counter-
  • 12 position tool
  • Maximum turning diameter over bed 370 mm
  • Maximum turning length 760 mm chuck
  • Max. permissible workpiece weight 290 kg




CNC milling

  • 3-axis milling
  • Maximum table load 1000 kg
  • Travels in each axis x = 1270 mm, y = 670 mm, z = 625 mm
  • 4-axis rotary axis
  • Number of tools in the tool head 30


Tests mining machinery

Test polygon is a technological device used to carry out tests of elements of mine hanging tracks, such as handling cats, braking cars, carrier trucks, lifting equipment, etc. Its special design models extreme conditions-track overhead conveyor system in underground mining and commercial raw materials to the inclinations of 30 ° and 5 °. Vertical static load of up to 70kN, dynamic axial load of up to 100 kN, weight, test weights 3.7 tons +6.3 tons

 Testing of mining machinery  and mining koušení hydraulic props

testing of mining equipment




Machine part 1
Machine part 1
Machine part 2
Machine part 2
Machine part 3
Machine part 3
Machine part 4
Machine part 4
Machine part 5
Machine part 5
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                                                                Doosan Puma 2600 SY

Doosan Puma 2600 SY



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